The Spa Body Experience

The Spa Body Experience

Inner Balance Massage

De-stressing full body massage. Unwind body and soul through the power of touch and the unique therapeutic blend of Destress Express by Intelligent Nutrients. Ayurvedic massage movement, acupressure and kneading techniques melt away tension, uplifting the mind with a powerful blend of rosemary, cinnamon, black cardamom, mint, chamomile and vanilla. Complete bodily nourishment and soulful benefits of feeling free, calm and cared for. For people feeling the tension or in need of a bit of Tender Loving Care. Inner calm, outer peace.

Healing Touch Massage


The most deluxe full body massage with the power of 100% pure Indian jasmine sambac blossom oil and deep slow motion massage strokes delivered with firm pressure. Ayurvedic massage rejuvenates and detoxifies your skin and cells.  Jasmine sambac has therapeutic and anti-aging properties and is deeply intoxicating to the mind. Indian jasmine is the most expensive flower in the world and gets its unique power from the moonlight. Healing touch massage for those who wants only the best of the best. Peace for your soul, luxury on your skin.

Sea Salt Scrub Massage

Full body scrub massage performed on a hot stone with a balm of pure shea butter, plant oils and guérande sea salt. The scrub massage is followed by a hammam session that steams away toxins and reveals your new skin. Deeply cleanses pores, removing dead cells and grey dull skin while the rich plant butters melt into your skin, hydrating and softening it intensively. Reduces cellulite, orange peel skin and stretch marks, and its healing properties will alleviate psoriasis and eczema. Peppermint oil awakens, refreshes and softens the skin. Scrubbing keeps your skin feeling young and energised.

Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

Intensive total body scrub to slough away dead skin cells and dull skin. Promotes cell regeneration and oxygen intake through micro-circulation whilst slowing down skin ageing. Dramatically improves skin condition, relaxing the muscles, boosting energy and vitality. This body polish is based on Brazilian raw sugar cane and the divine Moroccan Rose Otto Oils. The scrub is performed on a hot stone for deeper relaxation and muscle warm-up. Complete with rain shower and Moroccan Rose Body Firming Crème Riche for a super long-lasting, hydrating massage. For glowing skin that leaves you feeling soft as a rose.

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